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The Young Professionals Committee exists to support the membership of the MATA by providing opportunities for young professionals to become active in community building, continuing education, professional and social networking opportunities within the State of Maryland.



The MATA Young Professionals Committee aims to be an educational and socially relevant conduit for Athletic Trainers in the first 12 years of their professional careers. This committee exists to provide current resources and opportunities that will reinforce Young Professional Athletic Trainers both personally and professionally as they navigate the Athletic Training field early in their careers. 


Most importantly: let's not forget to have some fun along the way.


Topics of Interest to Young Professional Athletic Trainers Based on years of experience:

Contact Us!

Please reach out at any time! We love to hear from you about any ideas you may have to continue supporting the MATA Young Professionals.


​MATA Young Professional Committee Chair

Kelsey Tanler


MAATA Young Professional Maryland Representative

Andrea Durham


Other Committee Member:

Mike Kahn


MATA Young Professionals Facebook Group


MAATA District III Young Professional Committee 


NATA Young Professionals Page 


Gather: Get the latest conversations and discussions surrounding Athletic Trainers across the country! 


Additional Resources

Interviewing Tips & Questions (pdf)

Clinician Resources (pdf)

0 - 6 Years of Experience

  • DEI - How to address the sensitive topics that are brought up in the community and how to be supportive of our patients who are minorities.

  • Mental Health & Wellness - How to support your athletes and yourself

  • Work/Life Balance - How to address it with our employers, being aware of the culture in different athletic settings.

  • The importance of journaling and reflection

  • Financial Stability

  • Setting Career Goals

  • Continuing Education Goals

6 - 12 Years of Experience

  • Experiencing all the Fields - Industrial Setting, Physician Extension, Traditional Settings (Youth, Geriatric, High School, College, Pro, Elite) and Emerging Setting such as Tactical/Service and Administration

  • Practical Clinical Experience

  • Emerging Concepts and Practice Settings

  • Continuing Education Expertise

  • Becoming an expert and Presenting on Topics

  • Research opportunities

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