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Vision Statement

The MATA values and recognizes the importance of people's differences and how they can enrich our lives and our community. Our goal is to establish a setting where all members are embodied and accepted. 


Mission Statement 

  • To create an inclusive environment and to respect the dignity and diversity of all people within our state either as colleagues or patients

  • To educate and find ways to integrate the missions of the NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory and LGBTQ+ Advisory Committees

  • Provide resources needed to help in the application, education, advocacy in working with all members of the MATA

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Here are some viewing, listening, and reading recommendations the MATA DEI Committee thought you all might find interesting and enlightening.

TV Shows that can be insightful: 

  • Black-ish and Mixed-ish on ABC, Netflix & Hulu 

  • United Shades of America with Kamau Bell on CNN 

  • Ugly Food with David Chang on Netflix 

  • The Good Lord Bird on Showtime 


Podcasts that can help shed some light on the topic: 

99 Percent Invisible: Modern City 

Fresh Air: NPR – A Forgotten History 

TED Talk: NPR – Confronting Racism 


Other Resources

  • Systemic Racism Explained 

  • Please click HERE to check out video clips for the most important words to know when working with someone who is deaf or hearing-impaired

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