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The Pioneer in Athletic Training Award recognizes a member of the profession or related allied health profession for contributions that helped in the evolution of the State Association. 

Eligibility: to be eligible for nomination, the nominee should be in good standing or retired member of the Maryland Athletic Trainers’ Association or candidates respective professional association.  A candidate for this award has demonstrated outstanding service to the MATA including committee memberships, committee chairs, service to the association that promoted or advanced the profession,  or overall contribution to the MATA through support of association initiatives such as licensure, symposium, and support of the role of the athletic trainer.

Nomination Procedures:  Members who wish to nominate a deserving colleague should submit the following information by email

to Heather Kohlbus at

  • Nominators Name

  • Nominators Email

  • Nominators Phone

  • Nominees Name

  • Nominees Email

  • Nominees Phone

Upon receiving the nomination, the nominee will be sent the Nomination Application to be completed by the deadline contained within the application.

Pioneer in Athletic Training Award Recipients


Dr. Yvette Rooks


Skip DePaula


Dr. Richard Hinton 

Dr. Teri McCambridge

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